Sunday morning brings a lot of opportunity for service. We would love to involve you in wherever you want to jump in. To get started, email us, fill out a Next Steps cards on Sunday, or talk to a Pastor. We are ready to serve with you!

  • Bridgepoint Cafe’
  • Greeters
  • Parking lot
  • Door Holder
  • Check-in Station
  • Children Worker
  • Lord’s Supper Team
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Tech Team (sound or lyrics)
  • Security
  • Worship Team
Implementation Teams

Looking for a way to to serve and make an impact beyond Sundays? We have a a few teams where you can do that. Every person is invited to join an implementation team. You don’t have to be a member of Bridgepoint to join. These teams help give direction to our leadership team (called the Direction Team) about the life of our church in several areas. We have them listed below. They all are working from the basis of our Decision Filter: Will this decision better position us to make disciples who make disciples who engage our communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Align the church’s facilities and real estate with her present and future ministry needs.  The Team will have the authority to investigate all options that best satisfy those needs and recommend to the Direction Team a solution.  Contract with an architecture firm that has experience with the planning and design of church facilities to create a campus master plan.

Contact Team Leader for more information.

Develop and recommend to the Direction Team an annual ministry budget that is structured around the components of Next Steps.  Offer opportunities for church members to invest in the future life of the church through provisions in their will.  Develop and recommend to the Direction Team (as needed) a revised constitution, by-laws and practical policies/procedures documents.  Discern the need and timing of a Capital Stewardship Campaign.  Address any other issues that are related to this assignment.  The Team Leader may serve as the Church Treasurer or will designate members of the team to serve as Church Treasurer and Church Clerk.

Contact Team Leader for more information.

Develop and recommend to the Direction Team a comprehensive disciple-making process that includes family, group and one-on-one disciple-making opportunities.  Reconfigure and redesign the on-campus small group Bible study organization for all groups younger than 65.  Assist, as needed, the groups consisting of people 65 years and older to accomplish their goals.  Address any other issues that are related to this assignment.

Contact Team Leader for more information.

Using the criteria set by the above Decision Filter, evaluate everything the church is doing in ministry, missions and activities to decide if the church should continue, expand, discontinue or revise them so that a recommendation can be presented to the Direction Team.  This includes hosting church plants,  and other ministries.  Develop a comprehensive missions system that is both local and global and includes the establishment of a Church Planting Hub and missional communities.   Address any other issues that are related to this assignment.

Develop a comprehensive prayer ministry utilizing multiple opportunities engaging people at various levels of availability. Create avenues for volunteers to connect with the opportunities  Develop a new member mobilization process utilizing spiritual gifts inventories and other tools that would help. Examine the present Deacon Ministry and give input to the Financial/Procedures Implementation Team in their development of the by-laws and procedures for the new church. Facilitate the multi-generational Bible study opportunities. Discover ways to strengthen the relational community of the church thereby helping to foster a culture of family. Utilize the arts and sports to build relationships with participants and connect with the communities. Address any other issues that are related to this assignment.

Further develop a comprehensive children, youth and college ministry that offers fun, age-appropriate activities, opportunities, mission engagement and family investment. Explore the needed direction and actions that should be taken to provide children and their families effective ministry and Bible study opportunities while creating a path forward to stimulate grow in this critical area.  As soon as possible, enlist or employ a Minister of Children who has a passion to lead and coordinate activities and discussions that teach children of all ages to love God’s word and understand the value of applying it to their lives.  Create a comprehensive program that allows children a seamless process from children to youth to college ministry, addressing the needs of each young person at each milestone.  Address any other issues that are related to this assignment.

Contact Team Leader for more information.


If we believe the Bible is true and we take the commandment to love our neighbor literally … How can we love our neighbor if we don’t know them? And that is why we strive to serve our neighbors in various ways. From nursing homes, to trash pick up, service projects, and events in Mason Mill Park, we want to get out and interact with the people that live in the shadow of our steeple. Want to join us? Email Darren Hughes, our missional outreach pastor.