“I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.” (Psalm 17:6)

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Phillip Jennings

First and most importantly I want to give praise to GOD for answering prayer to restore a friendship and a softening of a coworkers heart. There has been some positive progress, although on good terms…. it is not the same as before, something, the connection that once was is still missing, There is much more progress needed , there has been a start or seeming an positive step forward on being on good terms with this individual. In spite of all of this I would ask/request continued prayers. For the purpose of context…..

My prayer request is for my friend..Daniel with whom I work...his carefree attitude and playfulness has made work more enjoyable.. He is a bit younger than me but seems wiser beyond his years. Anyway, I was unintentionally rude( an idiot) to him and it has caused an awkward situation. I want to apologize but it has been hard...I pray that GOD will provide the right time and moment. and the wisdom to know what to say... I do want to make it right... I would like to rekindle the I humbly ask that GOD will reveal that to him, possibly through other coworkers( as there is a lot of gossiping where I work, and I have spoken highly of him to others quite often.), it was never anything personal but rather just the reflection of the fact that my people skills leave much to be desired.. via dream. I also want to pray for his salvation. I can not determine if he is a christian or not. He seems to be a decent person. I pray that he will come to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, if he does not already

So to summarize...Please pray for my relationship to get better with a coworker. Daniel..someone who has made the most positive impact on my life by helping me with my struggle with and to somewhat overcome SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder). Unfortunately our relationship has dissipated due to my own stupidity at times/(lack of people skills ) and it truly does break my heart that we don't have what we once did. I ask for prayers that he remembers/focuses on the fun carefree moments, and there were plenty of those, as opposed to the times that I was foolish/stupid and unintentionally offensive/rude. I pray that we will be able to reconnect..if it is Gods will( I like to think that it is) and that my actions will glorify our father in heaven


Received: January 11, 2021

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