ICS Toy Drive

The International Community School is a local school located in Medlock Park that serves the immigrant and refugee communities in our area.  It gives us a perfect opportunity to touch the needs of the world’s children at an arm’s reach at Christmas while building relationships for additional ministry at other times of the year.  This year we are asking our church to provide enough gifts for 25 families or about 100 gifts.  In order to provide an experience of dignity for the families, we will purchase the gifts and deliver them to the school.  Then on December 7, the parents will come to the school and purchase the gifts they want for their children at a reduced price from the gifts we have already purchased.  We will then help them wrap the gifts for their children and hopefully get to know them better.  PLEASE BRING YOUR GIFTS TO THE CHURCH BY DECEMBER 4th. 
Gifts requested by ICS parents for children ages 5-10:
Toy cars
Roller skates
Art supplies
Baby toys
Toy Baby strollers
Small trampolines
Police car toys
Stuffed animals
Gift cards for nintendo games
Hula hoops
Costumes for make believe
Play makeup
Poppets (pop it): fidget toys
Gel pens
Dolls of varied skin tones
Board and card games
Kawaii pen squishies
Kawaii stickers
Kingyao squishies
Anime stickers
Animal lamps (specifically cats)
Toy dinosaur
Barbie dolls
Wooden toys